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Adding of non time based costs

This is probably covered by the fixed expenses request, but wanted to explain what would be involved without it.


Would it be possible to have a way of adding non time based costs?


Example,  we build a cloud based product on a hosted cloud server, the developers and service engines do the work and log their time in tempo, but it would also be nice to add the cost of the cloud hosting itself to the budget figures.


At present we will have to create a generic account in Jira (i.e. Hosting Costs), then a generic hosting costs issue somewhere in Jira, and then work out the best way to do the "time vs day rate" to make the cost up.


So a simple field or fields in the Cost tracker for non time based costs would be so much easier.

  • Alex Adland
  • Nov 13 2019
  • Shipped
  • Dec 11, 2019

    Admin Response

    We are glad to announce that this feature will be released next week, week of December 16, 2019! Let us know your thoughts about the expenses feature once it's out.