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Display planned time from Tempo planner

The cost tracker currently displays "Time Spent" could it also display "Planned Time" if Tempo Planner is also installed. 

This could act as a very simplistic "Revenue Forecast" for long projects that have set milestones that get invoiced once all the required tasks have been completed.

  • Alex Adland
  • Nov 18 2019
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  • Nate Dame commented
    November 20, 2019 17:46

    This would be a MASSIVELY helpful item

  • Michael Van der Vloedt commented
    November 21, 2019 15:54

    Adding this will let us use this app and we're willing to pay for it :)

    Adding time / resource 

    Adding extra general overhead ETTC

  • Johan Poland commented
    December 05, 2019 07:53

    Can "Planned Time" also be based on the estimates on tickets which match the scope filter?

  • Mike Kondrashin commented
    December 18, 2019 15:35

    Need to think carefully between planned time on planner vs. Sum of remaining estimates on tasks (including subtasks).

    I think the latter makes more sense.

  • Ingi Brown commented
    December 19, 2019 17:15

    Thanks for the feedback and definitively continue commenting on this. We're looking into starting to explore this functionality very soon so all your feedback helps us design the right solution! I understand the need for remaining estimates vs. planned time in Tempo Planner, the advantage for us of Planner is that we can know who it's planned for and use that person's cost rate for forecasted cost solutions. To be continued..

  • Mike Kondrashin commented
    December 19, 2019 17:47

    @Ingi I see your point about having the assignee on planner, but as the tasks progresses, remaining estimate will be much more accurate.


    We very often simply use tempo planner to book  a developer for a particular project/epic for a week/month, not meticulously planning exact tasks there.

  • Nate Dame commented
    December 19, 2019 18:47

    Glad this item is getting attention, awesome!

    I think there's a lot of valid points for both Planned time and Remaining Estimate. We actually use both for their own purposestherefore, representing both of them in Cost Tracker would be valuable. 

    (Along that same line, Original Estimate may also prove valuable, even if just the total cost of all Original Estimates. Of course Remaining and Original estimate would have to use a "default" cost I imagine. And Remaining and Original estimate are harder to graph as they don't have date logs like Planned Time does.)

    If I had to choose, my first choice would be Planned time for sure! Ideally:

    • Graph planned time as the forecasted costs beyond the historic costs
    • Display total $ of total 'past' cost + future "planned" cost

    In addition it may not be difficult to also:

    • Display total cost of Original Estimate (only) (using default cost rate)
    • Display total $ of total 'past' cost + costs of remaining estimates (using default cost rate)

    Just a bit of a brain dump :) :)

  • Jim Stoeckel commented
    22 Jan 16:59

    This would be great, It's actually an expected function.