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Add incremental budget milestones / markers throughout the course of a Cost Tracker timeframe

Currently the Cost Tracker shows a total budget for the entire timeframe. However, our teams need to plan for the spend of a budget over time.


I.e. at the halfway point, is the team at, above, or below budget? 2 months into a 10 month project, are they spending the budget according to plan? etc. etc.


I believe that the ability to establish budget milestones would be a great way to accomplish this. For example:
6 month project with total budget of $6,000

User can add multiple milestones i.e.

- $1,000 after first month

- $2,000 after second month

etc. etc.

(each milestone set manually by the user to accomodate any use case - i.e. sometimes budget spend is even over time, but other times it may be to spend a lot in month 1 and less the remaining months, etc.)


Milestones would then be visually displayed on the chart.

  • Nate Dame
  • Nov 20 2019