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'Move to Group' option for Scope List Issues

Currently, I'm dragging and dropping over a long Issue list (i.e. 75+) and often forced to start over if I drop in the wrong zone on screen. Also, this is performed with one Issue at a time when I need to move dozens of Issues into various Groups. When a Group needs a couple dozen or more added to it, I'm losing a lot of time that can be addressed with a move to Group option for one or multiple Issues.

A move to Group option should work well with the other Feature Request to sort columns of the Scope List. Ability to sort, then multi-select and move a list of related issues into a Group would be ideal. Any additional sorted columns added over time will likely increase the ease and efficiency of building out Groups.

Another example use case is when I need to move one or multiple Issues from one Group to another Group easily and efficiently.



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  • Nov 25 2019
  • Likely to implement
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