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Report costs using the Tempo Account on worklogs rather than on the Jira issue

I track and bill clients based on Tempo Accounts.   For example: I have a project that has 2 accounts associated with it - one is billable to the client and the other is non-billable.   This is often used when I have a junior developer on a project and I don't bill all of their time but I do want to track it.  Currently, the report will show me all the time for an issue that has the account associated with it so it totals both the billable and non-billable Tempo account, thereby inflating the report hours and costs.


It seems to me that it makes more sense to use the account on the worklog rather than the Jira issue.  Perhaps this could be a configuration setting to allow the user to choose the source of hours for the report.



I have been anxiously waiting for the cloud release of Tempo Cost Tracker to give me an easy way to view budget within the system.  I really like the initial release of this product and definitely see it as a future solution to budget tracking.  Unfortunately, it doesn't provide any value to me, and I'm sure others, until I can report by Tempo Account.



  • Kerri Klun
  • Jan 27 2020
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  • Kerri Klun commented
    13 Feb 20:53

    Is anyone else having this issue?